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The Jank-E-cycle – Our First Ebike

"The gas bikes are cool, but its time to start janking the way into electric propulsion." said Matt right before he bought a kit to build his first ebike. True story: I was shopping in some obscure category on the internet late at night and came across this electric bicycle kit

Nitrous Oxide Bicycle

What is better than having a bicycle with an engine on it that you don't have to pedal? A bicycle with an engine and a nitrous kit.  Even though as the engine started to break in it gained speed and power, after watching the new Fast and Furious movie, who

The Steel Pony Awakens

Late in the night, a creature lurks the internet from end to end searching for ridiculous vehicles to purchase for lulz and attention as he has an idea different from any he has had previously.  With the new found power of addition, thoughts of joining a $20 chainsaw from a