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Going Fast with Nitrous Oxide

If you want to go faster with Nitrous Oxide you probably should know a few things before you blow your engine up.  I'll go through a few different types of kits, how to set them up, and what other changes you will need to make to keep the pistons inside

How to: Prepare for a Hurricane on a Budget.

Not everyone has hundreds of extra money sitting around to spend prepping for a hurricane, but here are some things you can do that are either free or don't cost very much. #1 Do your laundry. Your roof probably has a low chance of getting ripped off, but losing power for

DIY Computer Power Button and LEDs

Some of these links are not exactly what I used in the video, but they will work or at least get you searching in the correct area for something similar. Mini Breadboard with wires Other jumper wirers option Assorted Leds Assorted Resistors Assorted Photoresistors (5539 is what I used, but I think 5506 would work

Resizing a Carburetor Jet

I demonstrate how to resize a carburetor jet to a smaller size by soldering it and drilling a smaller hole. Plumbing Solder - Drill Bit adaptor - Tiny Drill Bits -

Video: How to Build a Computer to Run Games on High for $220

Digging through Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, I'll show you what to look for and how to upgrade it. In this example of building a computer for $220 I take an old 3rd gen i5 office computer and upgrade it with a GTX1050 video card to play Overwatch on high settings!  

How To: $220 Gaming Computer

Ever since I went to my first computer expo as a teenager and picked up a GeForce FX 5600, I've been hooked on building computers for gaming.  I have built plenty of high horsepower computers in my time, double video cards (SLI), i7 cpus, liquid cooling, but people with normal budgets ask