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3d Printing Battery Caps for the Chevy Volt Modules

The chevy volt modules are great for diy projects including power walls, electric vehicles, ebikes, and pretty much anything project that requires large amounts of power storage. One of the big problems with the Chevy Volt pack is that it can only be broken down into 12s (48v) and

Janky Phone Charger

Everyone knows how to charge a cell phone, even 2 year olds and old people.  Just plug in the rectangle part of the cord into a USB port and wait!  The exciting part of today's experimental adventure was making a contraption that is actually useful out of my purple battery

Power Party! The Solar Powered Laptop

The Solar Powered Laptop...   After weeks of energy storage research involving flywheels, pumped hydro, and batteries I decided to take a shot at storing energy.  I ordered a bunch of cheap 18650 lithium batteries from eBay along with 16 4 cell battery holders, and 4 mini voltage meters.  I finally decided

DIY Computer Power Button and LEDs

Some of these links are not exactly what I used in the video, but they will work or at least get you searching in the correct area for something similar. Mini Breadboard with wires Other jumper wirers option Assorted Leds Assorted Resistors Assorted Photoresistors (5539 is what I used, but I think 5506 would work

WTF is an Earth Battery?

After one of those nights where you find yourself in some weird part of the internet reading about some speculative and conspiracy type stuff, you might find yourself at a Home Depot buying a couple of grounding rods to make an Earth Battery. I found this research from 2008 from a

Capturing Dawn

6:00 am, after the install of the JSP or Janky Solar Plant, came after a long night of fear and excitement and the sun was just starting to show like a 2 month late period. I quickly grabbed my voltage meter and was surprised to find my baby was already

A Solar Experiance

I'm not sure which part was the most exhilarating, drilling holes into a perfectly good roof after a rainstorm or talking about condoms and OHSA for 45 minutes on a flimsy ass scaffolding while drinking a beer afterwords. A few days ago on a whim, probably after an Elon Musk video, I